Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama really Hitler? Naw, says school board chief

This is how Debe Terhar describes herself on line:   

"I am President of the Hamilton County Republican Women's Club, a member of the Warren County Republican Women's Club, the Hamilton County Republican Club, the Green Township Republican Club and an early participant of the Tea Party Movement.   I am a member of  both the Northwest and Southwest Tea Parties of Hamilton County and the Lebanon Tea Party in Warren County."

Had enough?  Oh, I should tell you that Debe Terhar  was just re-elected president of the State Board of Education by her  associates on the board. I should also add that Terhar posted a picture of Adoph Hitler on her Facebook to protest the Obama administration's moves on gun control.

When asked by a Columbus Dispatch reporter about her posting of the Nazi chief, Terhar insisted it was not a reference to President Obama. (Nor, we assume, were  placards of Hitler and Obama at Tea Party rallies.)

"I'm not comparing the president to Adolph Hitler," Terhar told the Dispatch reporter.  "It's the thought of disarming citizens, and this has happened  throughout history.  What's the true intention of the Second Amendment?  It was to protect us from tyrannical government.  God forbid."

Also disarming  is the thought that Terhar is the head of state school board with majority  support from the other members.


Marv Katz said...

Add Hamilton County to the growing list of places that need to have their air and water tested for weird substances.

David Hess said...

Even more alarming is that Terhar apparently was quietly backed by Gov. Kasich to rise to the board's chairmanship. As for the real intent of the Second Amendment, which the gun zealots rarely acknowledge, was to set up "well regulated militias" as reserve forces to augment the newly established nation's tiny army in case of foreign incursions or Indian troubles, and to teach marksmanship to would-be riflemen (most of whom couldn't shoot straight during the Revolutionary War) should such circumstances arise for their need. The mythology promoted by nuttier
elements of the pro-gun lobby that our civilian population needs to be armed against a tyrannical government is so absurd that it's almost laughable. By that logic, we all should have tanks and rocket launchers parked in our driveways.