Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hagel's enemies: The renenactment of Little Bighorn?

You might wonder how desperately low the psychopathic core of the Republican Party would go until you are reminded that it is flailing in a bottomless pit.

That became obvious once again following President Obama's nomination of Chuck Hagel to be our next secretary of defense.  On cue, as if on orders from  Gen. Custer,   they angrily surged  before the ever-present TV cameras to denounce the former Republican senator from Nebraska with a series of threats that may yet produce a new swiftboat assault on a decorated war hero.

House majority leader Eric Cantor said he was "profoundly" concerned about the president's choice, declaring Hagel to be an enemy of Israel. (When was the last time that Cantor was profound about anything?)  Sen. Lindsay Graham agreed and called it an "in your face" action by Obama.  Sens. John McCain and Jon Cornyn couldn't find enough words to slam their former colleague.  The sky was falling.

Shame on them, even if they are psychopaths.   All of this nastiness flared just as the final figures of  the popular tally in November gave Obama a five-million vote margin. Oh, and the conservative Log Cabin Republicans came out swinging because Hagel was suspected of being against gays.  You get another whiff of how quickly the "Just say NO"gang mobilizes.

The emptiness of these losers recalls the scene from Cinema Paradiso in which the old film projectionist tells a long rambling  story to his  young companion.  "What does it all mean?" the puzzled boy asks.

"What does it all mean?" the old man gruffily replies.  "It doesn't mean nothing."


David Hess said...

The Republican "Orthodoxicans" have never forgiven Chuck for thinking for himself instead of marching lockstep with the right-wing ideologues. The same war-mongering conservatives who wrote blank checks for George W. Bush's trillion-dollar misadventures never forgave Hagel for questioning the wisdom of extending and expanding the Mideast war-fighting, nor are they missing a chance to continue their long-standing campaign to undermine the Obama administration's efforts to squeeze the Iranian mullahs economically until they come to terms on the nuclear weapons matter. Not to mention the persisting right-wing crusade to sabotage even the faintest hope for a U.S.-brokered settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse.

PJJinOregon said...

In the past the GOP slogan was "Strong on Defense". With yet another attempt to bash a war hero, they've changed their slogan to "Strong of Offensiveness".