Thursday, January 24, 2013

As a matter of fact, Sean Hannity isn't

Fox News host Sean Hannity plays with facts the way that TV ads for Viagra guarantee a lifetime of sexual bliss for erectile-dysfunctional men. His latest conspiracy theory on Hillary Clinton's testimony at the Senate committee hearing on Benghazi went something like this:  Her brief emotional  burst was hardly spontaneous but rather it was a staged moment that had been devised long before the session to win sympathy for her.  Who knew?  And how did Hannity know?

Well, let me tell you:  Sean didn't know, but he is paid well for not knowing a lot of things.  A limp mind is a terrible thing, too.

Note: My column on Gov. Kasich's  reach to give his State of the State speech in Lima has been posted on Plunderbund.   


Sandy Theis said...

I hope the GOP keeps up its double standard. The gender gap is a thing of beauty.

Howard said...

Distortion, fabrication and villfication is the mantra of Hannity and Fox News. The Tea
Party and rightwing wackos eat it up like kids gone berserk in a candy store!

Sam Salem said...

First "Viagra." Then "A limp mind..." Brilliantly, tragically funny.

Sean Hannity said...

You ask the question which is required.