Saturday, January 5, 2013

Is another Kelly heading into a shipwreck with Browns?

Did  you notice that the Cleveland Browns are on the verge (if they haven't already done so) of hiring a  head coach, Kelly by name.  No, not Shipwreck Kelly, although with that foreboding nickname it could bear a resemblance in a year or two after the new guy arrives in Cleveland.

This particular Kelly is  Chip Kelly, the  successful coach of the  Oregon Ducks, one of the winningest  and most entertaining teams in college football.  Anybody who has seen the Ducks on ESPN could swear they were recruited from an Olympic  track team.

And so the Browns will begin the 2013 season with their seventh coach since   2000 alone, with the departing  Pat Shurmur following Mangini, Crennel, Robiskie, Davis, and Palmer - if  trivial pursuit is your thing. At the same time, they have started 18 quarterbacks!

Help me. I lost track half way back across the decade.  Let's just say the lineup stretches from Brandon Weeden and Thaddeus Lewis to Doug Pederson, Tim Couch and Spergon Wynn in 2000.

There are more turnovers  in Brownsland than in a giant bakery.  Tim Hagan, the Cleveland politico, once lamented to me after his candidate lost that "in Cleveland it had to be in the water."

I don't know  why I'm telling you this, but we do need a holiday from  the other blood sport on Capitol Hill.

The Browns are all over  the papers these days with the pending news of a  new coach.    But I do have to ask:  Why are they always more interesting after still  another  dismal season than they are when the team is on the field?  

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