Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet the new Odd Couple on Fox News

If you're dying to know, Readers, Dennis Kucinich's debut  as a political analyst on Fox News went something like this:

The conservative host Bill O'Reilly referred to the former congressman and Cleveland mayor as a "left-wing nut we know and love (!) from the Congress, right?"

The liberal guest was unfazed by the remark (He's been called a lot worse over the years - a lot worse) and moved on to the discussion.

The conservative host tried to drag his  liberal guest into a rambling discussion about Sen. Al Franken, which didn't really go anywhere,  so they went into a second-level discussion about gun control.   The entire colloquy lasted no more than a few minutes with none of the world's problems remotely solved by the conservative-liberal combine that is already making the rounds as The Odd Couple.

But it did tell us that Dennis has a price and is as street-smart as they come. Fair warning: Better not try to get too cute with him, Bill!



FoxNewFan84 said...

Unlike most liberals in the media, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News embrace debate and always engage opposing viewpoints. That is one of the reasons that the network is so popular.

If you watch the liberal cable news channels (MSNBC, Current TV) you will notice that they never give airtime to conservatives. It is almost like liberals live in a bubble and are afraid to have their beliefs challenged.

Mencken said...

Grumpy..... Alert Security!!!! There's a tea bagger in our bubble!!!!!!

Grumpy Abe said...

It figures. He is either unaware or doesn,t care that Mike Steele, the former Republican National chairman, is a paid analyst for MSNBC, and that Steve Schmidt, McCain's top advisor, is likewise a frequent guest on MSNBC.