Friday, February 24, 2012

The never-too-late DeWine conversion to Santorum.

AS OHIO ATTY. GEN. Mike DeWine tags along with Rick Santorum as his choice for the GOP nominee, shouldn't somebody remind him that McRick has some terrible off-the-wall ideas about what ails America? OK, Mike. I will.

For example, how do you think it will play on Ohio's higher education campuses that McRick passionately declared just yesterday that they exist solely to indoctrinate students with leftist propaganda? (Are the University of Akron and Kent State University listening?) As for public schools, your guy is just as nasty, arguing that they are a total failure in teaching our kids the sort of wholesome things they learn in home schooling.

I won't even go into his apocalyptic slandering of President Obama and his other hysterical trashing of anything that he believes is the work of Satan. Nothing less than you might expect from a fellow whose candidacy is described by his wife as God's Will. That's the inspiring term that drove Christians on 8 or 9 crusades and they ended up with the Muslims still in control of Jerusalem.

So Mike. while you were wasting so much of your office's time joining a group of six other AG's for a legal challenge to President Obama's compromise on birth control insurance, Santorum has risen to the top of the national charts not only against McMitt Romney but also as an object of gasping ridicule. Forgive me for debating whether you changed candidates at an opportune moment when the polls showed Santorum winning Ohio's primary. Or whether as a public official your well-known Catholic loyalty has led you to ignore those of other faiths.

So what's you game plan, Mike, now that you flip-flopped on Romney and became a Rickista?
A hopeless yearning to become attorney general in a Republican administration? You are chirping for a political dead-ender and I would think that a guy who has been at or near the political trough for so many years would know that by now. Maybe you should return my tax money that you have spent tilting windmills on the national scene while staying on the good side of a radical theocrat instead of tending to the business of ALL Ohioans. I'll be checking my mail.

Meantime, I would assume that all of the huzzahs by the front office of the Summit County Republicans who hosted Santorum last week would be a source of embarrassment to the local cheerleaders. A copy of the invitations for the Lincoln Day dinner, handed to me by a friend on the party's mailing list, lured the faithful with the usual hype of a newly celebrated Republican.

It described its guest speaker as having an "unmatched conservative [that] has built Rick Santorum's winning reputation as a fighter for an unapologetic America - a nation true to its founding values, with smaller government, less wasteful spending and a strong national defense." Even as political hyperbole, this one is a bit too much., don't you think?

Winning reputation? The last time Santorum was on the ballot in Pennsylvania as an incumbent senator, he lost by 18 points. It took a while, but the Keystoner voters caught on to him. Shouldn't Ohio's Republicans be forewarned?

Better hurry. The Ohio primary is arriving soon. Until then, we might want to call this nonsense a scandal of Biblical proportions.

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Sam Salem said...

Rick Santorum resembles a man who is wearing a full-face mask. I can't decide whether he's running for President or trying out for The Phantom of the Opera.