Monday, February 27, 2012

McRick steps on Arshinkoff's lobbying income

YOU DON'T HAVE to look far in political warfare for contradictions, irony and incoherence. The latest row over McRick Santorum's hostile view of colleges as leftwing propaganda mills is the most vibrant case in point. As the speaker of choice at the Summit County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, he won extraordinary approval among the locals, in a straw vote. He has since called President Obama an elitist and a snob for promoting a college education for everyone. Two problems: (1) Santorum was a college booster in his 2006 senatorial campaign for reelection (2) His host at the Lincoln Day dinner was Party Chairman Alex Arshinkoff, a lobbyist for the University of Akron who has never been known to be soft on lefties. Not even close.


Marv Katz said...

Here's No. 3: A guy with three college degrees bashing another guy for urging people to send their kids to college.

That's almost as bad as trying to relate to NSCAR-loving Americans by telling them that "some of my best friends are racing team OWNERS." Oh, wait that was the other guy who keeps stepping in it.

David Hess said...

Religious "freedom" aside, I'd like to know who was keeping the books. God? Or Mr. Beachy? Regardless of how this plays out, in the criminal court or the synod, I hope whomever finds the books stashes whatever is left in the till in escrow. Only then will bilked investors get justice, probably for pennies on the dollar. Has anyone checked for Beachy numbered accounts in Bern or the Caymans? -- Hess