Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another bottom-feeder for the files

MAY I HAVE your attention please to alert you to another political bottom feeder turned up by a reader. He is Indiana State Rep. Bob Morris, a Republican to the marrow who has found a terrorist plot Girl Scouts of America. He has, for a few moments at least, even upstaged McNewt Gingrich, a.k.a. Crazy Guggenheim, who is warning his audiences that Barack Obama is "the most dangerous president in modern American history."

I am finding it harder and harder these days to separate the chaff from the chaff as raffish Pulcinella-like characters keep romping across the stage.

But back to Rep. Morris. According to a CNN report, Morris asserted his opposition to celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America (mercifully, the only lawmaker to do so). He accused the annual cookie-bearing group of promoting "homosexual lifestyles" and didn't think it at all wise to "endorse a group that has been subverted in the name of liberal progressive politics and the destruction of traditional American family values".

Not only that, mind you. He further accused the organization of becoming a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood whose agenda includes "sexualizing" young girls.

Somehow we knew that Morris would come around to slandering Planned Parenthood, which I believe is doing quite well these stormy days.

His family-value remedy is to extricate his two daughters from the scouts and place them in an outfit called American Heritage Girls Little Flowers., whose provenance I decided not to Google.

Had enough of this guy? Yeah. Me, too. Quack, quack.

* * * * *

To an oil-friendly Oklahoma audience, Gingrich sniffed at fuel-saving small cars, and complained about Chevy's latest: "You can't put a gun rack in a Volt."

I know. He said What?!?!


Mencken said...

Bob Morris owns Healthkick Nutrition Centers which sell products like "Muscle Juice" and vitamin enhanced spring water. But the basic idea is to get you to become a dealer and pester your friends and family to buy the stuff. You have to buy a minimum each month, so if sales are slow, you're stuck with the merchandise.

He's just snake oil salesman. nothing new. Rev. Peter Popoff and Ernest Angley have been doing this for years.

JLM said...

After reading this post I had to check this guy out. Holy God, where do they get these loons? Not that the current crop of GOP members aren't entertaining. I'm having a ball watching these clowns, but the scary side is that they are actually in office.

Both my daughters were Girl Scouts. I don't recall any mention of homosexuality or abortion when they were troop members.

Regarding his "Muscle Juice" perhaps he should get together with Pat Boone, who sells something called "Pat Boone All-American Meats". I still can't get that phrase out of my head.

David Hess said...

Still another example of how the inmates have taken over the GOP asylum.