Friday, February 24, 2012

Craig James: Instant replay rules it was a fumble

SEEMS LIKE everywhere you turn over a rock these days you find a Republican candidate assailing gays. The latest version of gay-bashing is in the Texas GOP senatorial primary - by a former pro football player and ex-ESPN sports analyst. That's how Craig James hopes to win the primary against his rivals. His principal target is former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, a (choose an adjective) conservative who once was so politically reckless that he marched in gay pride parades. (Don't jump to conclusions. He was, after all, elected mayor of Dallas.)

Protecting his right flank, Leppert said although he is against gay marriage he also was firmly a Christian who extended a hand to all people. It's a start, folks.

Still, not good enough for James, who lamented the decline of America's "moral fiber" evidenced by people who walk in gay pride parades. His campaign promise: "I can assure you I will never ride in a gay parade. " He acknowledged Leppert's explanation, but it wasn't good enough for him as a devout Christian explaining "...leaders - our kids out there - people need to see examples."

James insisted that homosexuality was a "choice" and that gays - well, you probably know the rest - "are going to have to answer to the Lord for their actions."

He said What?/?/

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JLM said...

Mr.James insistance that homosexuality is a choice proves his idiocy.

Or he took one too many hits to the head in his pro football days.

Nah,...he's an idiot.