Thursday, February 2, 2012

McMitt foolishly plays his trump card

WELL, WE ALL got a chance Thursday to witness a revival of The Birther of the Nation. No, not D.W. Griffith's silent movie classic, but rather the reappearance of Birther McDonald Trump in his latest kingmaking r0le endorsing McMitt Romney. They formed the joyous glitterati in a Las Vegas Hotel, joining big money and still bigger egos. It's doubtful that the very poor will be impressed.

So that nobody could miss the value of his newly arranged praise of of Romney, McDonald described the front-running candidate as "tough, smart and sharp." He assured the gathering that with McMitt as president, "nothing bad can happen to the country we all love." (It took me back decades ago when a mob insider assured me that my article about him was so fair that "nothing bad will happen to you." One thing about these guys, they keep their word!)

The Republican race, with too many months to go, has become absolutely zoological, with strange noises coming from an odd assortment of pawing creatures. Trump, it must be recalled, once downgraded his latest catch as a "small business guy," adding that his own wealth was "many many times" that of Romney's. But why bring that up in McDonald's MacArthur-like triumphant return to center stage?

It also should be recalled that Trump cast himself as the savior of American truth and justice with numerous TV appearances demanding proof that Obama was a legitimate American citizen. When the president released his birth certificate, questions were then raised about his grades at Harvard, where he was the editor of the school's prestigious law review.

But let's be honest: Soon McDonald will slip out of the photo-ops, leaving McMitt out there unprepared to explain why he's ready for prime time with Obama. Meantime, it was fair for the conservative National Review to ask: What is wrong with this guy?

* * * *

Although McNewt Gingrich seems assured of losing Nevada, he continues to vow a long-term challenge to Romney. Among other things, he continues to rely on incantation to retrieve the ghost of Ronald Reagan.


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