Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An ugly chimp photo, birthers unite

The California Republican committeewoman who emailed this disgusting photo to some GOP friends has apologized, describing herself as an "imperfect Christian lady who tries her best to live a Christ-like honoring life".

With some of Marilyn Davenport's critics howling for her to resign, a few of her allies have rushed to her defense. They argue she's not like the sort of person now accused of being a racist. One , Orange County State Rep. Tim Whiteacre. a right-wing conservative himself (aren't they all in Orange County?) described Davenport as a "petite grandmother originally from Kansas" who spent some of her time teaching Bible study classes.

Nice try, defenders of the faith. But Davenport, a Tea Party activist, did take the time to forward the email to others who might find it as humorous she did. The photo's caption said, 'Now you know why - no birth certificate."

That settles the argument for me. If not, as they claim, a racist, at least a birther - the inspired cover story for racists. Obama is photo-shopped in the lap of chimpanzees (Get it?). Why would she send it to friends without believing the hoax is true. C'mon, you imperfect Christians!

Davenport should realize that she's not, as Alice once remarked to Toto, in Kansas anymore. These days words travel in a blink, and the perp must be held accountable. Even so, she says she will spend some time hunting down the "cowardly person" who leaked the picture to the media. That part I find bizarrely funny.


JLM said...

Well Abe, you know what these self-righteous S.O.B.'s always say, "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven".

These are the type of people, if he were here today, I can imagine Jesus wouldn't have a hard time bitch slapping.

Ron Paul said...

Remember when the GOP stood for balanced budgets, individual freedom and isolationism.
The Republican Party has run up these deficits, we want the federal government to be in our bedrooms and between our women and their doctors, we started two wars instead of ending them like the Korean War and were supposed to stop the Vietnam War the Democrats started. We have lost our way!

So why waste our time with these fools who use their racist rhetoric, like this Marilyn Davenport and Donald Trump with his birther unproven myth, why do we allow our Fox news people to keep talking down our country. Don’t they know we can win the next election with optimism and hope instead of the current rhetoric, that the sky is falling, if we are not careful we will end up like chicken little where no one will listen to us.

Mencken said...

"Remember when the GOP stood for balanced budgets, individual freedom and isolationism".

Not in my 56 years.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Toto Dorothy's dog? Regardless, it seems Birthers want either/or two things out of this. First, Obama wasn't born here. Second, Obama's birth certificate has the word muslim on it.

Mencken said...

Should we call these people Swiftbirthers?

JLM said...

Just call them disgusting.