Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kasich's bark can be as nasty as his bite

GOV. KASICH'S penchant for cutting off questions that annoy him - which means, most of them - usually asserts itself with his three curt words: "Period. Exclamation point!" Considering the finality in his command, it's possible that he's been hanging around at too many dog training demonstrations. One of the companies represented at the training show Sunday at Summit Mall is aptly named, "Sit Means Sit." Got that, reporters?


JLM said...

When reading comments on an ABJ story concerning Kasich and the amount of anti-SB5 emails he received, I saw a commenter refer to Kasich as "Kacist".
And frighteningly accurate.

JLM said...

And to back up my last comment, here's some scary info- Kasich's budget allows income derived from privatization to be exempt from state taxes. Found at Plunderbund:

"The gross receipts and income of a proposer derived from providing a service under contract are to be exempt from taxation levied by the state and its subdivisions."

Also from the article:

"Not only does Kasich create a massive executive power grab that lets him privatize state functions at his pleasure, but it creates a massive tax break to the businesses he awards these contracts to."

It's about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

More like Job, the biblical fellow. Such are the trials Kasich will put this state through.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party disaster is sweeping its way across the country.