Thursday, April 14, 2011

And now, here comes media star Paul Ryan

NOW THAT Rep. Paul Ryan has become the latest meteor in the Republican universe, it might be useful to know a little more about his political profile than simply that he wants to eliminate the federal deficit by doing such things as eventually fully privatizing Medicare for people now under 55. The private sector, of course, has long been the comfort zone of Republicans and the great benefactor of conservatives running for public office. Hooray for the big health insurance companies good work in their self interest.

So who is this Ryan fellow from Wisconsin ? . You may be surprised to know that for a lawmaker who disdains government assistance, he enjoyed some of it himself. He was only 16 when his father died, but he received his dad's Social Security until he was 18. According to his on-line bio, he used the benefits for "his education at Miami University of Ohio." In their eagerness to starve the government beast, how soon they forget. And he's not the only hypocrite in the Capitol Hill crowd.

The remainder of his profile fits the perfect conservative profile, from a 100 pct. voting record with the National Right to Life committee to an "A" rating from the National Rifle Assn. The bio offers no clue on what he thinks about President Obama's birthplace. But there's still time.


Mencken said...

There's a real party going on in Paul Ryan's head.

His website touts his Catholicism, while at the same time saying that Ayn Rand was his biggest influence. The same Ayn Rand who was a Pro-Choice atheist.

This is of course the same Ayn Rand who collected Social Security and Medicaid payments under the name of Ann O'Connor for lung surgery after a lifetime, two pack a day habit. I guess it was her private, free choice to pay for her habit, and the public's responsibility to pay for her treatment even though she was very wealthy.

I wonder if Ryan would cut off his spiritual advisor if she was still alive now. We'd probably see a "Rand Exclusion" to any legislation cutting SS or Medicaid.

JLM said...

Plus, he has scary, too-pale eyes and that Eddie Munster widow's peak.
That's enough to make me afraid.

PaulRyanFan84 said...

For the love of God, Mencken, do you ever post anything of substance???

Who cares if Ayn Rand was a pro-choice atheist??? Obviously when Paul Ryan says that she is his biggest influence, he is referring to her beliefs about the proper role of government. Not her beliefs about religion or abortion.

At the same time, what does Paul Ryan have to do with Ayn Rand collecting Social Security and Medicare? Ryan is trying to put through reforms to preserve Medicare and Medicaid, not eliminate them.

Even if someone does oppose Medicare or Social Security (which Ryan does not), there would still be no hypocricy in participating in these programs. After all, participating in those programs is not voluntary, it is mandated by government.

You do know that, right?

joe Hill said...

If Mencken has to explain the connection to you, it just might be that you are too stupid to understand. Original thought has never been something that you are know for and includes the concept of irony.