Monday, April 25, 2011

The fiery Mississippi governor flames out

HALEY BARBOUR, the Mississippi governor, says he won't run for president because he doesn't have the necessary "fire" in his belly. (Besides his wife has said she would be "horrified" if he decided to seek the Republican nomination.)

Maybe no fire. But it appears to me that there's something going on inside his waistline. .

Let's see: His retreat has shrunk the Republican field to ---

But who's counting?


JLM said...

Haley Barbour.

Sounds like a girl's name.

I'm reminded of Nikki Haley, another GOP governor, whose actual name is Nimrata Randhawa, but who changed it to something more anglicized and acceptable (and cute).

Barack Hussein Obama didn't run as Barry, did he?

mencken said...

Barbour was done once he refused to denounce the proposal to honor Klan leader and Confederate general,
Nathan Bedford Forest on Mississippi's license plates.

Barbour's reasoning, "I don't go around denouncing people. That's not going to happen".

Apparently Forest's massacre of hundreds of unarmed black Union soldiers wasn't worth mentioning.