Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthers: Presidential politics (minus) 101

When the new media sensation Donald Trump, straining to be a presidential player, and the other birthers continue to make jackasses of themselves with the whole world watching, we can only respond:
Is that all you got?


Marv said...

Trump isn't straining to be a presidential player. Trump is straining to call enough attention to himself and his NBC show to boost the shows ratings enough so NBC will keep it on the air for another season. If that happens when the network announces its fall lineup late April/early May, Trump's presidential aspirations will be heard of no more. And the world will be happier for it.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Mecca of birther crazy at WorldNet Daily. Joseph Farah has gone all out on the Obama birth certificate. It seems that is where Trump is getting his rhetoric to seal up the loonies. It's quite comical.