Saturday, April 23, 2011

John Mc Cain: Our man in the streets of Benghazi

AM I MISTAKEN, or was that a stern-faced Sen. John McCain doing his patented presidential strut with rebel leaders in Benghazi? It made all of the TV stations and newspapers. What an opportunity for McCain to (1) show everybody back home that he is a watchful foreign policy expert in troubled lands and (2)blast President Obama for not waging an all-out war on Khadafi. Since his parading around in Libya's rebel-held city could not get him on any ballot as Libya's next president, the message was largely for domestic consumption in the USA and should enable him to extend his vast lead over all others as a Sunday morning talk show guest.

Surely he cannot be thinking that maybe, just maybe, with all of the pallor afflicting the current Republican crop of presidential candidates that he might, just, I cannot bring myself to say it!


PaulRyanFan84 said...

So whatever happened to the whole anti-war movement on the left? Where is all the outrage over the United States entering a third war in a Muslim country? Where is all the anger over Guantanamo Bay remaining open? What about the continued indefinite detention of terrorism suspects, drone attacks, the Patriot Act, etc. After all, we were told that those tactics were shredding the US Constitution and emboldening America's enemies. What changed?

It is almost as if liberals didn't really care about those issues, and were primarily concerned with weakening the presidency of President Bush.

Grumpy Abe said...

So that's where you guys learned to weaken Barack Obama's presidency since he took the oath of office. At least liberals didn't question Bush's birthplace nor demand to see his circumcism records in the ongoing crude pat-down . By the way, is Paul Ryanfan84 a retreat from Foxfan84' Or Reagan84? Why do your cpmments lead me into terra incognita? If you don't know what that means, look it up.

Mencken said...

You're projecting Egregious. If you changed the channel once in awhile, you'd know that liberals, by and large aren't in agreement with any of the situations you listed.

I'm not sure who you stole your comments from, but I'm pretty sure 10 minutes on Google would turn up the real author.

****2 minute break****

Google "Where is the liberal outrage" for Egregious' Cliff Notes.

JLM said...

The name change is due to Eddie Munster becoming his new hero. His asinine comments aren't worth rebutting.