Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kasich: Awaiting big bad Federal help

MY LATE REPUBLICAN father-in-law and friend used to complain that "figures don't lie, but liars do figure." You have to wonder about whether we've made any progress in figuring out some politicians' figures when you read the Plain Dealer report on how Gov. Kasich arrived at such a lean and rose-colored budget to pay off an $8.5 billion deficit.

I won't attempt to describe his sleight-of-handiwork, whose numbers are as defiant as the solution to pi. Check out the article for yourself and let me know what I'm missing in the proposal of optimistic assumptions, guesswork, hacking, suppositions and downright voodoo.

The story above the article may explain a little about how he wants to begin to connect the budget dots: His hopes of getting relief from the much-hated Feds, who have huge deficits of their own. The guv is counting on the very same Big Brother whom he's condemned to now relieve the state of $193 million in interest on Federal loans. Indeed he's stitched it into his baggage as he gropes to the mysterious light at the end of his tunnel.

Do you remember what Kasich said when he he proudly announced his purported success in balancing the budget? He said something about accomplishing the task "without smoke and mirrors". But he should have added a third element: a forgiving Uncle Sam. The hard work has yet to begin, folks.

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Mencken said...

Not grasping the irony of corporate welfare is just one of the perks of running the state like a business.