Friday, April 15, 2011

Overheated Arizona lawmakers: the real cut-ups

JUST WHEN YOU think the birther crowd can't provide us with more pratfall comedy, along comes the Arizona legislature with a new test for one's birthplace when all else fails: circumcision. (Stay with me on this. I'm not making it up.) The lawmakers down in the desert sun this week added that infant event to the clues that will validate a presidential candidate if he doesn't happen to have a certified birth certificate. That, of course, will send snoopers through hospital records to find you-know-what.

Can you imagine what the TV anchors will be reporting for the breaking news hour?
"Hospital records today verified that Candidate XYZ was circumcised on March 21, xxxx. His office issued a statement saying the discovery should put to rest his rivals' suspicions that he had violated ancient religious laws and could ably carry out his duties as a bona fide American president."
But shouldn't male candidates be afforded equal proection under the law that, for obvious reasons, would not be a peekaboo burden for female candidates? Probably. But you must understand that this didn't occur to the deep thinkers in the Arizona legislature after a day in the Arizona desert. Besides, as Rep. Carl Seel of Phoenix, who introduced the law, assured us, the bill had nothing to do about the hoopla over President Obama's birthplace. "This bill," he purred, " is about the integrity of our elections. " But being of the same political class as Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, one wonders whether he really meant that to be a factual statement.

OK, you want to play silly? How about an IQ test for any Arizona male who runs for office. It might show that only the lowest third of that crowd got elected this time. o


Jack said...

As the Moyle said to the nurse
It is a gift not a curse
It all comes from within
this special kind of skin
rub it the right way and it becomes a purse.

JLM said...

America needs to thank Rep. Sell for this cutting legislation. Obviously, it is designed to slash any chances of some foreign-born invader from dicking around with our elective process.