Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Note to Donald Trump: You're fired!

JUST AS THE national media were preparing to spend the morning dealing with such less compelling issues as tornadoes, Libya and possibly jobs, President Obama released his birth certificate to put an end to all of the silliness that is the fringe's stock-in-trade. It was the only juicy story of the day. Not that the birthers will give up so easily over Obama's big Gotcha Moment. For Donald Trump, the self-appointed Grand Odd Peacock (GOP) of the Republican Party, it was an occasion for him to hold another press conference and take credit for forcing the president's hand.

Trump is nothing if he is not parading his alleged political virtues in states that he may seek out in a presidential campaign. One never expects humility from the puffy guy and he lived up to his narcissistic billing by telling reporters, "Today I'm very prond of myself, because I've accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish." But before he entirely closes the case, he says he wants to first look at the document.

Meantime, he's on to Chapter Two in his pursuit of Oval Office scandal. He wants to see the transcripts of Obama's college records. Since half of the gullible Republicans still believes that Obama is not an American, it won't take much for Trump to sell the idea that Obama may have even flunked out of elementary school on his fast track to Harvard. Shouldn't the Republican front office, whatever and wherever it is these days, take The Donald aside and tell him:

"Trump, you're fired!!!"


Anonymous said...

Already the birthers are claiming that the birth certificate is a forgery and it validates their claim that Obama is not a natural born citizen due to his father's citizenship. No amount of information will ever appease these people.

JLM said...

This won't stop them. The Tea Party types are already crying that it's a fabricated document.
Remember, there are still plenty of individuals who ardently believe Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 and therefore Bush's war was completely justified.

PaulRyanFan84 said...


Most conservatives really don't care about Obama's birth certificate. I can honestly say that I have never heard any of my Republican friends talk about the subject. At the same time, conservative media outlets like Fox News, talk radio, and the Wall Street Journal have never questioned Obama's birthplace. Neither has any prominent Republican politician (Trump doesn't count).

It is liberals, not conservatives, who are obsessed with the topic of birtherism. Just go to a left wing website or turn on MSNBC........chances are you will be inundated with birther talk.
They are the ones who have given credence and attention to a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Liberals are obsessed with birther talk because they want to make Republicans look crazy and at the same time make Obama a sympathetic figure. Most importantly, liberals are trying to distract the public from serious problems like unemployment, rising gas prices, unsustainable debt, etc.

JLM said...

"Conservative media outlets like Fox News, talk radio...have never questioned Obama's birthplace. Neither has any prominent Republican polititian."


Why have Republican politicians in Montana and Arizona introduced birther bills? I've seen numerous Republican polititians evade a yes or no answer when questioned by the press on the issue. The inference is if there is so much attention being payed to the issue, perhaps there is something to it. I've seen the issue brought up on Fox News (Hannity and others). I've also heard many right wing radio talkers state it as a near fact. And though I've never attended one, I've seen many photos and video footage of Tea Party gatherings where many birther signs are being hoisted. Even the Lady Bachmann (not prominent?) just recently stopped questioning Obama's legitimacy.
The (standard Republican) switcheroo tactic holds no water. It doesn't take much to make Republicans look crazy these days. They don't need help. The serious problems you cite were, for the most part, brought about by Republicans.

Grumpy Abe said...

RyanFan: Did you happen to see the Fox Business Network today fly-specking the birth certificate and raising questions about its authenticity? Others on Fox spun the release by Obama by raising more questions. If it gives you hollow superiority to say these things, enjoy the ride. But i should tell you that you are out of your league in challenging folks with so much more intelligence. Why do you insist on being a court jester by defending the daily Fox propaganda? Are you the fool that rushes in where angels fear to tread?.