Thursday, April 7, 2011

For the Palins: It's all in the family

I'll HAVE TO give Sarah Palin some credit: if there's a dollar to be made by her or her daughter Bristol, they'll find a way to come up with it. As a teen ambassador for an anti-teen pregnancy foundation in 2009, Bristol, now 20, was paid $262,000 by the Candies Foundation, a division of the Candies clothing company. However, the foundation reportedly only spent $35,000 on actual pregnancy prevention programs. Bristol, a single mother herself, defended the pay , telling the Associated Press: "I don't think anyone realizes how difficult it really is until you actually have a screaming baby in your arms and you're up all night." Hey, Bristol, those of us with kids, know. For heaven's sake,we know!.

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JLM said...

Based on statements like young Miss Palin's, we are shown the confirmation of the phrase, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Not once during the times my wife or I were up all night with sick or colicky babies did the idea that someone ought to give us a quarter of a million for our weary hours ever occur to us. This little broad has some gall. Of course, she learned at Mother's knee.