Friday, March 18, 2011

A Wall Street bonus for Kasich?

CONSIDERING how proud Ohio's Wall Street-tutored governor, John Kasich, is of his proposed budget - particularly as it provides safe haven for the wealthiest Ohioans - it wouldn't be surprising if Goldman Sachs or Bank of America gives him one of their whopping bonuses.


JLM said...

Straight from the weasel's nest.

JLM said...

It appears Wall Street Johnny was less than honest a little over a week ago, when he made his "Major Announcement" that Ohio taxpayers would be footing the bill to move Bob Evans corporate HQ twenty miles from Columbus to New Albany. The Governor made the implication that his actions saved the day by preventing a Ohio based business from moving out of state (Texas). Turns out, it wasn't quite how Johnny put it.
According to Dan Williamson from Columbus' Mayor Michael Coleman's office, Bob Evans never actually considered moving out of state despite whatever stories Kasich told. In fact, construction at the New Albany site started weeks before Kasich made his "Major Announcement".
Just like Johnny said, "This is gonna be awesome."