Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kasich nose-diving in public approval

FOR ALL OF THE noise that has slammed across Ohio since Gov. Kasich unveiled his budget, has it escaped you that his poll numbers are dissipating as quickly as educational funds? A survey of Ohioans by Public Policy Polling, a reputable national pollster, has revealed Kasich's public approval rating at 35 pct. vs. disapproval of 54 pct! One reason is that voters are now seeing him as a brutish, rough-hewn politician who would have trouble courteously asking a restaurant server for a coffee refill. He has ignored the numbers of his close election that even with a terrible economy failed to give him a clear majority (49-47). Worse yet, of those who voted for him, he's down to 71 pct. approval. That doesn't translate easily into political capital, no matter how boastfully he plays his cards these days. (As Gauguin once asserted: "I am a great artist, and I know it!")

Another reason his fright mask supporting collective bargaining by public unions. The PPP should give him pause:. he's trying to climb a big mountain against unions, as 63 pct. of Ohioans say they support collective bargaining for public employe unions. Up and down the scale, the figures are against him.

You can find a consensus today that our governor is only in the mix for a couple of years because his first priority is to seek the presidency in 2012. Ex-out of touch Wall Streeters tend to regard themselves as larger than life in arranging their days. Problem is that Gov. Scott Walker is said to be aiming for a presidential candidacy, too. Kasich and Walker are political soul brothers, and I would have to wonder whether there wouldn't be a strange conflict of interest if they found themselves on the same stage in the primaries.

But I wonder about a lot strange things in today's weird political climate.


Anonymous said...

Public Policy Polling also polled Sherrod Brown's race and what was once a race for the Republicans taking looks to be slipping by the wayside. Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor fairs worse than even comedian Drew Carey. Ohio's resident carpetbagging Secretary of State Jon Husted performs the best at 15 points behind. While its early, Republicans seem to be misinterpreting the 2010 election as a non-existent mandate. Arshinkoff better save up his $480,000 in tax payer funds for lobbying over the next 4 years while Kasich and his girl are in power.

Polling Numbers:

Mencken said...

Taft's approval numbers dropped to around 12%. That didn't shorten his term by even one day.

Grumpy Abe said...

True, but the numbers could have a chilling effect on his cheerleading allies in the legislature and elsewhere, particularly in close legislative districts. No governor is an island. Nor are his poll numbers.

David Hess said...

Not to mention his ingrained narcissism and spells of megalomania, the Ohio governor is so cocksure of his own infallibility that polls are not likely to deter him from the ruinous path he is taking to ensure his defeat in the next election, leading one to wonder how long it might take now for a blizzard of recall petitions to start floating around the state. As far as a bid to win a presidential nomination is concerned, imagine a primary campaign in 2012 that features such super-egos as Ohio's Kasich, Wisconsin's Scott and Georgia's Gingrich. Three supernovas of the ideological right leading straight into a cosmic black hole. Even such lightweights as ex-Gov. Palin might be able to sneak into the general election as the GOP is torn to shreds by the party's gravitational maelstrom.

Marv said...

And he's proposing to sell rights to drill for oil and gas in Ohio's state parks. If that's such a good idea, why isn't he also offering the drilling rights on his personal real estate holdings, and then turn the proceeds over to the State??? Anything to help the State of Ohio in a "fiscal crisis."

I don't think so.

JLM said...

Like it or not, Mr. Wall Street is ours for the next three years, nine and a half months. Ohio has no recall provision and I don't see one being instituted. There are still plenty of rubes and dolts, not to mention the wealthy, who support this weasel. He's just getting started.

Hang on, kids.