Monday, March 28, 2011

One more giant leap for mankind...and birthers!

ENOUGH OF THE March Madness already!

I'm not talking about the presumed also-rans who have mysteriously overrun the experts' fail-safe basketball elite (Kansas and Ohio State) to land in the Final Four of the NCAA playoffs. Instead, I'm talking about the vacuous political losers who set out daily to achieve another giant leap for mankind. The latest participant, whom I've mentioned earlier, is Donald Trump. His Olympian superiority is overwhelming. Having surveyed the others in the GOP presidential field, The Donald obviously decided that he's far wiser than any of them and is now moving in to defeat them at their own game.

And where else but as the ranting voice to Fox News? Ranting is too mild for his take-down of President Obama's birthplace. No, he had a hysterical mental collapse that apparently was never evident as a couple of his companies fell into bankruptcy. As such, he is sure to be the darling of the birthers. After a half-century of reporting politics I have concluded that if he is to have any chance at all, Trump ought to find a new hair stylist. I'll take that back: He has no chance at all even if Butler and Virginia Commonwealth have worked their way into the Final Four.

Should we next look for a giant leap in Wisconsin? In that once-progressive state, the Scott Walker administration has decided to ignore a court ruling and plunge ahead on its own to implement its new anti-union legislation. The governor, who always impresses me as a deer in the headlights, apparently has no use for court judgments that work against him. The state has already put the new law into motion under the Walker Doctrine that if you don't like a court order, you simply ignore it.

Really, people, I'd like to have my country back!

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