Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Huckabee's version of Obama's childhood

OUR ALARMIST former preacher, Mike Huckabee, continues to warn his audiences that he is quite concerned about Barack Obama because the president grew up in Kenya. Unfortunately for Mike, his Book of Revelations is erroneous. As others quickly pointed out, Obama never set foot in Kenya until he was more thn 20 years old. On the other hand, Huckabee grew up in Arkansas. Next question, please.

UPDATE: Conceding that he "misspoke" when he accused President Obama of spending his childhood in Kenya, Huckabee said he still considers Obama to be "anti-American". People, there's going to be a rising tide of this kind of make-believe tale as the presidential race roars onward, and if that's all that Huckabee's got, don't invite him to the Republican candidates' debate.

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Mencken said...

I suppose when OJ claimed he didn't kill anyone, he didn't lie, he just misspoke....clumsily..... as our friend Foxy is fond of saying.