Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Republican attack of "vibrations of weirdness"

ARCH CONSERVATIVE George Will's discovery of "vibrations of weirdness" within the Republican Party is hardly news to liberals who have been scorned for saying the same thing for a long time. He was reacting to presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee's insistence that Barack Obama has evolved from the Zombies that we've been hearing so much about these days. By the way that he continues to make a fool of himself in the media, it's evident that he is increasingly immodest about his credibility....Meantime, Sen. John McCain was back on the Sunday morning talk shows, which is the equivalent of staring into the same cage at the zoo for hours while ignoring all of the other attractions. The networks simply won't allow him to back-pedal into oblivion.

And how about this one: the Republican House Speaker in New Hampshire is upset because hordes of young people register and vote on the same day. He wants the practice to end and there's a Republican bill in the legislature that would do just that. Says Speaker Bill O'Brien of the tads: "They don't have life experience and they just vote their feelings and they're taking away the town's ability to govern themselves." Gee. I thought that's what adult voters do.


JLM said...

Let me get this straight, a Republican wants to make it illegal to register and vote on the same day? I'm willing to bet that if the trend among young people was to vote Republican instead of Democratic, rather than the other way around, our friends in the GOP would be screaming bloody murder. Yet they are always denying their attempts to rig the game, from Ken Blackwell in 2000 to last week's fiasco in Columbus with Mr. Niehaus' little shell game tactic regarding pro and con voting Republican senators on SB5 to the GOP senators in Wisconsin who are trying to make prank phone calls illegal after one such call exposed just who owned Scott Walker.

JLM said...

And speaking of rigging the game, they've done it again. As of March 8, the first day of hearings, the GOP has replaced two members of the Commerce and Labor Commitee to make certain that SB5 passes. Ross W. MacGregor has been replaced by William P. Coley,II and Richard Adams has been replaced by Louis Blessing. It's the GOP creed, if you think there's a possibility you may not win.....cheat.

FoxNewsFan84 said...


Nothing is as egregious as 14 Wisconsin senators fleeing the state and going into hiding to prevent a vote on major legislation. Those fleebaggers are undermining democracy and it is a complete disgrace.

JLM said...

I like your terminology.."fleeing the state and going into hiding".
Cowards! Come out and fight like a man! The sad fact is Republicans fight dirty. They rig the game if they can, they lie, they distort, they threaten, they spin like tops. It's about balancing the budget, isn't it, FNF84? Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald(R) said today on your favorite cable "news" outlet, "If we win this battle, and the money is not there under the auspices of the unions, certainly what you're going to find is President Obama is going to have a much difficult, much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of Wisconsin."
But it's not political, it's not about union busting, it's about balancing the budget.
Nice word, egregious. Learned it from Dubya, didn't you?

Mencken said...

Egregious Philbin, make sure you read the article in the Times today, "Christie’s Talk Is Blunt, but Not Always Straight". Or not. I doubt any of it will sink in.