Thursday, March 24, 2011

Donald Trump: He stoops to conquer

DONALD TRUMP may have advanced his presidential aspirations on The View this week when he added his name to the list of birthers challenging President Obama to release his birth certificate. And you think that only semi-literates stoop that low? Trump is the biggest egotist in the public arena today, so he may yet dump himself into the GOP race.

That would increase the number or Republican White House wannabes to at least 39 if you count every lightweight with at least a gleam in his or her eye. In fact there are reports that some Republicans are starting to worry about the cumbersome size of the field. My tax exempt solution would be to place each name on a separate sheet of paper and toss them from a skyscraper aerie. The lightest sheet will be the last to hit the ground. The name it bears will be the obvious choice to win the GOP nomination - uncontested.

FOOTNOTES: For a rational view of Gov. Kasich's irrational plan to privatize the state liquor department, check David Hess's comment on my post on the topic. Hess is a former colleague in Columbus and Akron who covered Capitol Hill for Knight-Ridder Newspapers and is the former president of the National Press Club. He usually doesn't take prisoners....Good news this week for U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown. Republican Ken Blackwell, who was demolished in his bid against then-candidate Ted Strickland in the 2006 Ohio gubernatorial race, says he is seriously considering challenging Brown. Could Brown be that lucky?


Jack said...

What has that guy Kasich been Drinkin'?
He surely was not clearly thinkin'
Sell off revenue for the state.
when money is needed of late.
His Liquor store plan's really stinkin'

Jack said...

What a stinking hump.
His casinos are a simply a dump.
He's been bankrupt many times.
His fiscal policy is a crime
I give you the next pres. Don Trump.