Thursday, March 24, 2011

As Maine goes, so goes the 'pro-labor' mural !!!

NO, THOSE AREN'T young Depression Era Christmas carolers. They are child laborers in one of the panels of a mural that Maine Gov. Paul LePage has ordered to be removed from the state's Department of Labor because it is too "pro-labor". Even in the current era of political kookery, LePage has passed Glenn Beck, Rush Limbuagh, Michele Bachmann and their ilk to embrace the summit of a nation going mad.

Not that LePage is without supporters. He is being congratulated by some constituents for his assault on socialists, communists, lefties, liberals. unionists and the iconic Rosie the Riveter (whose mural image also will disappear.) A Tea Partier, LePage is now the national beacon of in-our-face insanity with his version of rightwing "Maine-ia ." At first glance you want to laugh at this disgraceful act, but mind control is how fascism asserts itself.

LePage spent 15 years as general manage of Marden's Surplus and Salvage discount chain, so he knows something about the value of recycled merchandise to entrepreneurers. He also is said to have a young Jamaican in his household, who is the son of LePage's caddy when he vacations in that island coutnry. Very generous of the governor.

If Lepage doesn't spur national outrage for his abuse of historical truth, we may conclude that all of us deserve the government we get - one that disputes that there were once child laborers and believes that Rosie the Riveter was no more than a liberal myth. .

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