Friday, March 18, 2011

For a modest $50, you get the Arshinkoff-Huckabee tandem

IF YOU WANT TO spend an evening with a fellow who suspects that President Obama is a Mau Mau, Summit County Republican Chairman Alex Arshinkoff has created an opportunity for you. He's scheduled Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas preacher and governor, to be the guest at the party's Lincoln Day Dinner on April 9 at Quaker Station. It's $50 a plate, and my guardian angel has sternly warned me against going to the event. Besides, what do Arshinkoff and Huckabee have to do with Lincoln?

Huckabee will be in town to sign his new book - whose title is A Simple Government - and help Alex advance his boast of a bountiful Republican spirit hereabouts.

In a review, New York Times Columnist Gail Collins described the book as "one long howl about the Obama White House," where the author finds an A student who is an arrogant nerd, who "can't hit, he can't throw and he can't run." Nice.

By the way, did I mention that Huckabee is running for president if the crick don't rise ,even if George Will dissed him as "implausible"? Still, sitting through a dinner with a Razorback guitar player who autographs books is worth something, I guess, at least for Arshinkoff, whose political skills reside in inviting Southern politicians to his bashes. The vintage list includes Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, and now Huckabee.

One Republican who won't be there is indicted auto dealer Tom Ganley, who was enthusiastically endorsed as a leader when Ganley, as a congressional candidate last year, appeared as a guest on Huckabee's Fox TV show. Indeed, Ganley returned the favor by hiring Huckabee's midwest presidential campaign coordinator to be his own campaign manager. Not that it did any good.

Trust me. Alex will be his usual effusive self with Huckabee. For fifty bucks, the steak had better be tender.


Mencken said...

Ohio's in a recession if tickets are only $50.00

Huckabee's Lincoln Day appearances in some parts of the country are bringing in $150 to $250 a plate.

Arshinkoff must be serving grits and gravy this year off of Chef Kasich's menu.

Anonymous said...

I guess Cascade Plaza was too expensive for Alex as Republican HQ moved to the Merriman Rd from downtown. And what tall tales of fiction Arshinkoff gives his "distinguished" guests? Hopefully, these people aren't buying what he's selling.

JLM said...

According to a new survey released by Public Policy Polling, regular FoxNews viewers favor The Huckster as a 2012 Presidential front runner.
"Among the most likely Republican Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee leads the way with a +19 favorability spread at 45/26. He's followed by Sarah Palin at +16 (53/37), Mitt Romney at +4 (40/36), and Newt Gingrich at +2 (41/39)."

A simple government for simpletons.

Mencken said...

It's not official until Egregious posts as HuckFan84.