Friday, April 3, 2009

Warner "learning" to become mayoral candidate

WARNER, LET IT GO.  You've been preaching hellishly to your choir for months.  You are merely asking them to greet your costly  plan to recall the mayor with an off-key Hallelujah  Chorus. I have read your version and choose not to accept it as Handel's masterpiece but rather the words of a desperate man who is trying to create a political environment  for his own long-festering mayoral schemes. Isn't that, after all, the root of your ambitions? Show me any councilman, present or past (as you are) who wouldn't like to be the chief executive at City Hall.  

Do I exaggerate your ironic insincerity in carrying out your avowal to clean up the debris from the Plusquellic administration?  Come now, Warner.  I haven't been a political journalist all these years who only attended the Saturday matinees for the free popcorn. The transparency hurts the eye. 

 Want to know what some of your friends (and enemies) are saying about this?  One fellow who claims you as a friend, despises  Plusquellic and has signed your petition,  casually mentioned to me that win or lose the recall, you are really involved in a learning experience to prepare you for your own mayoral campaign.  Well, there  is much  for you to  learn and a couple of years of creating turmoil for the city is hardly enough time to capture the imagination of a big city electorate.   As of now you only have your fixed chorus, who would never support the mayor anyway. After all, how common is it for any elected public official to be seated  by acclimation?

And don't count on all of those folks who have signed the recall petitions to be an electoral resource when you decide to convert your "learning experience" into a bid for the mayor's office.  Some of the recallers are Republicans who are using you to return to City Hall with their own candidate after   26 frustrating years of denial.   ( Curiously,  somebody was passing out recall petitions at the recent Republican Lincoln Day Dinner.)

Along the way you have lost support from key people who might have been expected to support the recall.  Are they captives of the Plusquellic mystique?  Would they vote for him in a mayoral election?  Probably not.  Would they pick you out of the crowd and vote for you?  Probably not. Why could that be, Warner?

 Having read your campaign material, I must say that it took years to assemble (Right?) in preparation for  your auspicious coming-out party.  God knows how much it cost the taxpayers for the lost hours for the city to respond to your  (or Bob Smith's) countless requests from Day One.    

Warner, why don't you end the charade?   If you want to be mayor, I would be the first  to say you have a right to go for it.  But you have not yet explained why your impatience should be hastily served by  a self-serving  inflammatory recall campaign rather than the normal election year process used by Don Plusquellic and all of his  predecessors.  

Unless, of course, you need the learning experience as the warrior in the Trojan Horse.  Warner, let it go.  


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Warner is becoming Akron's version of Glen Beck, the right wing demagogue. One can imagine Warner crying into the camera lens claiming "I just love my city so much" followed by an impassioned plea for us to "believe in something (him) even if it's (he's) wrong."

Too bad,Mendenhall has done some credible work on behalf of consumers in the he appears to be nothing more than a delusional Ahab in search of the Great White Whale.


Warner said...

I know you want to make this a Mendenhall v. Plusquellic fight. It is not. Thousands of people have expressed their support of the recall. 4,000 signed petitions against Issue 8. I believe that a majority of Akron residents dislikes Plusquellic. I join with them in rejecting the irresponsible, retaliatory, and childish behavior of our current Mayor. I have not said that I am running for Mayor. I intend to support one of the many people who will step forward to lead our city. I have talked to several probable candidates. Have you?

Anonymous said...

Warner, if this wasn't about you, you wouldn't be posting comments on blog sites at 1:19AM now would you?

This whole thing is about your need to publicly masturbate over is getting to be obsessive on your part.


Mencken said...

"irresponsible, retaliatory, and childish behavior" describes your recall effort perfectly Warner..... well except for leaving out the part where you waste $300,000 of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...
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Mencken said...

When Warner said he had supporters "from all walks of life ", he wasn't kidding..... he even has supporters who walk on their knuckles and type with their noses.

fargo said...

I agree with Mencken....the above (soon to be deleted) post is typical of the Mendenhall mob appeal. And to think Warner is citing Dr. Seuss on his Face Book page to inspire his thugs...the appeal of childrens books to his worshipers makes more sense to me now.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show the maturity of the Plusquellic Klan.

Mencken said...

Should have left that post up.

Katie said...


Friday is D-day and 4000 isn't going to do it. The kind of people you have signing your petitions aren't going to be registered voters or even know where they live. Therefore, many of those signatures are going to be invalid. It says some thing when you walk the streets of Akron and all you can get is 4000 signatures. Just in case you were absent on the day they taught percent 4000 is not the majority of Akron