Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something old, not much new

CURRENT  OHIO GOP LINEUP FOR STATE RACES (which rhymes with familiar faces): 

Governor - Former U.S. Rep. John Kasich, who is expected announce his candidacy Friday.

U.S. Senate - Rob Portman, who has announced.

Secretary of State - Jon Husted,  State Senator, announced

Auditor - Incumbent Auditor Mary Taylor, announced

Attorney General l - Mike DeWine, former U.S. senator, to be announced

Treasurer - Josh Mandel, state representative, announced.  



fargo said...

I think is the starting line up for the 1962 Mets isn't it.

Anonymous said...


Husted is the current State Senator from Kettering. He should soon be the former State Senator after Brunner finds that he does not reside in his district. Good move for someone running for Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

The most exciting candidate in that field is Josh Mandel. He is a rising star in the conservative movement and will easily defeat incumbent treasurer Kevin Boyce

Anonymous said...

Your lineup is incorrect. Everyone knows that State Senator Kevin Coughlin will be the next Governor.......

Jacques Chirac said...

Mandel is an empty slate with zero legislative accomplishements. The only reason he is being touted as a statewide candidate is he is successful at tapping into the Jewish fund raising money. That's it. Look at his finance reports if you don't believe me.

Who is Coughlin? 3 percent name idea in Northeast Ohio? Impressive.

Anonymous said...

Ok... So I looked at his finance reports. He is able to raise large sums of money from the Jewish Community. What is wrong with that?