Monday, April 6, 2009

Newt on the pulpit

Happened to glimpse the ubiquitous Newt Gingrich for a few moments on TV as he intoned his recurring sermon on President Obama's alleged flawed policies.  His stated matter-of-fact truths reflect the glib style of a bored  Bill O'Reilly,   which says "What I am saying is so universally true that it  hardly needs to be said except for all of the dummies in my audience."   Gingrich has been on a glide path since he was rushed out of Congress in the 90's as a  misbehaving blowhard. But he doubtless wakes up  each morning refreshed by his presumption that he  is a profoundly wise and gifted conservative father figure within a shrinking southern-based political party.  He does get a bit peckish at times, offering last year's failed McCain gambit  that he might have to run for president in 2012 if the less mindful among us don't shape up by then.  Class dismissed.  


chien lunatique said...

The "newt" is a perfect example of someone who is totally dependent on once successful rhetoric that today is completely outdated. Be it terrorists, taxes, big government or the "others" in our society,the fear card is all he has to play. This may work on the godwacks, the illiterate or delusional country club types. Each of these groups have a certain pathology that lends itself to fear based manipulation. However, the results of the 06/08 elections indicate that the majority of our citizens reject most if not all fear based claims.

Newt is floundering as is his party. Out of ideas, all they have to sell is fear and we are not buying.

Mencken said...

When the Republicans tried to appropriate NASCAR Nation and turn it into a PAC, all they really accomplished was finding yet another huge demographic who had no effing idea what Newt was talking about.