Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Joe the Plumber, or whatever

ENOUGH, ALREADY, of Joe the Plumber, a.k.a., Joe Wurzelbacher. the 15-minute mock hero of John McCain's failed campaign.  Joe Whatever is back on the political trail, this time showing up at anti-union rallies to oppose the legislatively challenged card-check plan that labor supports.  Joe's getting paid for his current tour by a group benignly named Americans for Prosperity and I don't have to guess which  side it is on.  As for Joe Whatever, it's a nice line of work for a guy who isn't a licensed plumber, a detail of  little consequence if one never gets down to the fine print.  In an age when people can become national sensations simply by doing extraordinarily odd things for a brief moment, Joe latched on (or did the McCain people create him from the telephone directory?) to a thematically inspired nom de guerre to deliver the common folks to the GOP.  It will be left to the historians to determine whether he or Sarah Palin - two of McCain's  pathetic first tier miracle workers  - would have served the candidate better if either had decided to turn down the offer.     


Mencken said...

Republican ideology is down to the whistle and the steam with the heat being randomly supplied by the careless bursts of flatulence by a plumber, a hockey mom, and the articulate ignorance of one very sweaty Oxcontin devotee.

What's next ? A GOP Children's Crusade ? How about "Dave the 3rd Grader", "Billy the Bully, "Mikey the Crossing Guard"............

John said...

It really is a bummer
when I can't buy a Hummer
The economy's all clogged
Grumpy Abe has just blogged
Now I'm afraid to call a plummer

the poet of san jose

Anonymous said...
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