Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bob Ney, the new radio showman

TRIED TO REACH  a reporter at a West Virginia newspaper today and this is how it went:

ME:  Let me have the city desk, please.

VOICE:  OK (With all of those commercials about the paper rattling on in for several minutes)

VOICE: (Finally)  Nobody is answering.

ME: I know that.  Get me somebody else.

VOICE:  I'll try Heather.

ME: Who's Heather?

VOICE: (PAUSE)  Not answering, either.  

ME: How about your political reporter.

VOICE: NO (A  few other words undistinguishable)...I'll try somebody else.

ME: How about somebody who puts in your radio and TV news?

VOICE: The Associated Press does that.

I hear another voice on the line now.  

ME:  Hi. I have a question  about a radio station there, WVLY-am.

VOICE:  Who?

ME:    A radio station.

VOICE:  We're a newspaper.

ME: Don't you think I know that?

VOICE:  This is a newspaper.

ME: Yes, but I'm asking a question about a radio station, WVLY-am.

VOICE: I've never heard of it.

ME:  Isn't it in the Wheeling area?

VOICE:  This is a newspaper.  I've never heard  ---

ME:  Click....

I suffered through this to get some simple information on a radio station (which I wasn't able to reach by phone, either)  on which the former Ohio congressman and felon, Bob Ney, will now have an afternoon talk show.  Ney, you will recall, was sent to jail for conviction on corruption charges rising from the the Jack Abramoff investigation.  Ney spent 17 months in prison. 

One of Ney's topics (I'm not making this up) is...ethics.  Why am I not surprised?  


fargo said...

The nattering "neybob" of nepotism rears his ugly head again.

Mencken said...

it's more than likely that wvly is nothing more than a relay station and a tower. their programing and advertising are transmitted to them from another broadcast entity. there's not even an engineer there unless something shorts out. it exists only to give local letters to syndicated programming. there's no staff.