Friday, April 10, 2009

A defining moment for teabaggers?

AND SO IT has come to pass that America is being beset not by locusts nor the bubonic plague but, teabaggers.  TV is romping through scenes of exhibitionist tax protestors throwing teabags into the sea to commemorate an historic event that happened a  long time ago in Boston. Not an original idea today, of course, but you must understand that the anti-Obama crowd of conservative oracles has not had a mature original idea to assuage its extreme frustration  ever since Obama was sworn in twice by a malfunctioning U.S. Supreme Court Justice.  

However, it's a free country and at least they're not throwing shoes or flashing "Sarah is hot" buttons.  But a word of caution to the forever family-oriented Republican officeholders who have been swept up by the passion of the moment:  If you check the Urban Dictionary, you will find a surprising, common definition for the act, teabagging.   I would give at least a triple X  rating  for  describing a sexual act in which...well, if you're that curious, folks, look it up.  And I know you will.

Nothing is going right for the right-wingers  these days, and I'm beginning to wonder whether they are more to be pitied than censured. When some of the adult demonstrators get home and find out that their teenage kids have already dog-eared the Urban Dictionary it might keep the teabagging parents  off the streets for awhile.   It's a start.   


chien lunatique said...

The "tea bagging" movement has an appropriate spokesperson in Senator David Vitter. One of the DC madam's favorite clients, Senator Vitter has the experience and knowledge to lead this movement. My only question: is he the baggie or the bagger?

In a related and more serious note, I recommend a review of the multiple videos of "tea bagging" events that have already been held. The shrill, hysterical, threatening and loopy behavior of the attendees should give everyone pause.

Anonymous said...
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Greg in Cleveland said...

I agree that the current trend of the federal government printing money to save us from ourselves is a much better alternative. Taxing those with wealth even more than they are taxed now to give to those who produce little or nothing at all has always been a great way to grow the economy and reward the innovators. Keep the printing presses running Mr. Obama and the jackasses in congress so we can eventually have a high rate of inflation.

All the hippies unite! Bailouts for everyone with no work or effort required! Your dream of economic "equality" will be realized soon! And if you're lucky, maybe you'll get teabagged in the "traditional" sense.

Mencken said...

" to give to those who produce little or nothing at all"

How dare you talk about my Merrill Lynch guy that way.

chien lunatique said...

Tell me, Greg of Cleveland, what has our casino economy produced? Ponzi schemes to separate the fool from his money? Or has it been the replacement of production with credit based consumption as the basis of our economy? This house of cards has finally imploded under it's own weight.

Your concerns about inflation are misguided. The present situation requires governmental action. The markets are powerless and the potential for economic disaster is increasing.

Your talk radio rhetoric is tedious and nonsensical. I suspect your knowledge in this area is very limited. Nevertheless, you do manifest that wingnut certainity that comes from drinking the Kool-aid. My question is: Are you the baggie or bagger?

Mencken said...

During a month when Merrill Lynch was losing literally a billion dollars a day, its CEO Stanley O'Neal played something like 21 rounds of golf on 17 different courses. His reward for what I'll call his "innovative non-production" was a $47 million dollar severance check.

Hippies stealing our money? Time to adjust the tin foil on your head Greg.

Anonymous said...

In attempting to defend Faux Noise's promotion of the "tea bagging" movement, Neil Cavuto claims Faux also covered the Million Man March...before there was a Faux Noise. Watch it: