Monday, April 20, 2009

Deep in heart of Texas


In Texas they're talking about secession
as they exhume the confederate obsession.
But will they really go?
Or is this  political show
as the rest of us  cope with the recession?  


John said...

They'll have no recourse
but to send W on his horse
to the mexican border
to put things in order
i'll miss them 'cept for Austin, of course

fargo said...

Given that Texas takes back more tax dollars than it pays in lets hope they succeed in seceding. Enough of the red state rhetoric not matching reality...put up or shut up..."dismember the Alamo!".

PJJinOregon said...

Sounds like another rendition of "The Mouse That Roared". Texas can secede, then declare war on the US and promptly declare defeat and sue for peace. The infusion of funds from D.C. won't be a bailout -- it'll be foreign aid and reconstruction funds. These Dicxiecons have a clever way of disguising the truth.