Sunday, April 26, 2009

Columbus Dispatch shocker: Raise taxes! :

GATHER 'ROUND ME, all ye unhappy tea baggers.   I have news for you:  You just lost another one. Glaring harshly at you from the editorial page of the Columbus Dispatch today is  an uncharacteristic plea to raise Ohio taxes to meet the peril of a financial crisis that neither political party seems ready to address,

As George Costanza might say, "This is HUGE." Over the years, the political graveyard was filled by the Big D with the bodies of candidates who even whispered tax increases on, oh... Life Savers,  in their sleep.  This was the paper that once chaperoned a number of conservative pols into the legislature and governor's office simply because they had an R after their name on the ballot.  In the earlier days it was bloody bad business for anyone to suggest that there were at least one or two liberals who shouldn't be institutionalized.  

But give the current Dispatch credit.  It has grown philosophically.  And now, in this time of great need, the paper entered the fray with words  that surely will jolt the tea bagging leprechauns from their postmodern  fantasy world of Coolidge, Hoover, McCain et al. Spoke the Dispatch:
No one wants to take the lead.  No one wants to be first to utter the T-word.

Everyone in the Strickland administration, the Democratic-controlled Ohio House and Republican-controlled Ohio Senate knows the only way to fill an $8 billion budget hole is with a combination of new taxes and service reductions....If it is quaintly anachronistic to hope for bipartisan, statesmanlike leadership to tackle one of the state's  most historic economic  crises  then Ohio may have no hope at all.
The world has changed.   I wonder why there are still some people around who don't know that.  


ED said...

There is no doubt we need some statesmanship, because the only way this state will meet an $8 billion shortfall is to raise taxes or just to go back where we were when the REPUBLICAN dominated legislature and governor changed the tax codes--for both business and individuals--and look where it has left us.

Anonymous said...

Mary Taylor thinks (oxymoron in regards to Mary) that Strickland should have rejected the Federal stimulus. Has Donny Taylor mentioned to his ambitious wife that he is in construction?