Friday, April 24, 2009

Lieberman's brain runs dry

I HAD RESISTED piling on poor  Sen. Joe Lieberman because I'm really not a bad guy when you get to know me.  But when he said a couple of extraordinarily contradictory things, I felt it was necessary to resurrect him from McCain's ashes from the last presidential campaign.  I was constrained to give him not one, but two,  Grumpy Abe  Linguistic Lunacy Awards (GALL) - the first such double honor of the year, which will qualify him for the annual GALL Award in December.   Take a look:

Joining his  road-show pals McCain and Lindsay Graham,  Lieberman signed on to a letter to President Obama  regarding waterboarding and other means of torture that said:
"We have also strongly  opposed the overly coercive interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, that these memos deemed legal."
However, two days earlier,  ensconced in his comfort zone at Fox News, Lieberman said:
"Well, I take a minority position on this.  Most people think it's definitely torture.  The truth is, it has  mostly a psychological impact on people....We ought to be able to use something like waterboarding.
Uh, he did say that it was a terrible thing to do if we had to do it.  But...

Sorry, Joe.  You lost me at the last trickle.  Waterboarding is not good to the last drop.  

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PJJinOregon said...

The first rule for public figures is: Know your audience. JoeL scores a 10 in the category of "knowing your audience." BTW, don't give him a break. He's still runing for the VP slot with the next Dixiecon endorsed by Rushbo.