Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arshinkoff: A return to Summit Board of Elections?

THE SUMMIT COUNTY Board of Elections is facing the imminent return of an old nemesis: County Republican Chairman Alex Arshinkoff. That's the word making the rounds among local pols who are bracing for his arrival to the$17,000 a year position from which he was evicted by then Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner in February, 2008. He declared at the time that he was the victim of politics - a day-and-night job that he knows a lot about. But Brunner, a Democrat, said his reappointment to the board would be "inappropriate", noting that he was guilty of berating the staff and creating a hostile environment at the board, often with well reported emotional outbursts .

But the new political pecking order with a Republican governor and secretary of state now will clear the way for his return to the county payroll. It's been no secret that it has been one of his goals ever since he was summarily dumped. And with the planets of Gov. Kasich and Secretary of State Jon Husted lined up in his universe, folks who keep an eye on such movements say the deal will be closed soon when one of the board's two Republicans - Brian Daley and Ray Weber, both Arshinkoff loyalists - "voluntarily" resigns.

Always thinking ahead, Arshinkoff handed Kasich and Husted $150,00 each from the county treasury for their recent campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!This was predicted by people over 2 years ago!
I know Abe you have a different Ideology than others, but the usual crap keeps fuming into the RINO party of Summit County.
That party has never changed nor will it as long as he and his fools are in control of it. Just remember in 2 or 4 years the other side could be in control again but the puppet master will finally have his 30 in and laughing hysterically all the way.
He was thrown out legitimately and should stay out but with him in control who cares as long as you’re making some money on the public payroll.

Anonymous said...

My suspicion is that Daley resigns and gets an appointment from Kasich to another committee. Alex gets back on the board and Brian Daley gets a reward for his service. How about a seat on the University of Akron Board of Trustees?

Anonymous said...

We deserve the useless people we have in Government until the people get tired of it and do something. The way things are going at this time that maybe never.