Friday, January 28, 2011

Palin's tasteless WTF moments aren't that funny

FOR ALL OF THE SPEECHIFYING, punditry, cable show comments and political posturing, Sarah Palin has once again stolen the show. Her repeated obscene references to President Obama's State of the Union speech (a speech that she found "hard to stomach") aren't pretty, particularly for a woman who wants us to believe that she is the model goody-goody mother of a model goody-goody American family. The Brady Bunch never used the term WTF, and as Lawrence O'Donnell noted, if you don't know what those letters mean in the current glossary of social networking, ask your kids.

Relatively brief rises to riches and public notice by people who are uncontrollably self-absorbed and deeply into their false importance to others can only soar to a certain point before gravity takes over. Palin remains unaware that the least that anybody can say about her political fling is that she is becoming so tiresome that her opponents (including me) craftily arrange to have her continue as a public spectacle. Her low polling figures suggest that our side is winning. We can only wonder that after WTF, what more can she do to demean herself in the public arena?

In fairness, however, she has already created a new growth industry: WTF T-shirts, Watch for them on the Internet. I guess there is a little good in everybody.

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