Wednesday, January 5, 2011

King John, and not the historically famous one

EVIDENCE IS growing that Ohio has elected its first King John. No, not the historical King John who gave his land the Magna Carta. Not even close. The Buckeye version is - How can I be kind about this? - King John as in Kasich, a churlish fellow with strong autocratic tendencies who promises to lead our stricken state past the anthills to the pyramids, as he has described his burden when he is crowned.

Our latest clue is that he has barred reporters from covering his big moment of being sworn-in as Ohio's chief executive a minute past the bewitching hour of midnight Monday in his safe haven residence on his 10-acre preserve in Delaware County. Kasich says he's only looking after his children's security. But that could have been easily resolved by having the ceremonial occasion held somewhere other than his private home where he has decided to construct the state's pyramids from now on. Although he's vigorously promised to cut the costs of government, his rejection of the Governor's Mansion as his live-in hearth in Bexley will require extra costs for Ohio Highway Patrol security. That's not such a big deal when you're facing a deficit of billions in the next biennium, but sometimes even symbols have meaning.

Here, after all, is a fellow arguing transparency on one hand in what his flacks have labeled a "New Day," wherever that might rank as a political cliche that is soon forgotten. As the Plain Dealer noted, the media will be restricted from some other Inaugural events, including a ban on the media talking to any of the guests at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event. The paper noted that nosy reporters will be allowed to hear the speeches by King John and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and then be escorted from the hall before the real party begins.

Earlier in his King-elect period, our sovereign crabbed that reporters ask too many questions about his appointees that hinder recruiting good people for the jobs - and he won't have it! These are the anthills that he must conquer to get to those pyramids. And who builds those tiny powdery anthills? Ants, of course. Nice try, your majesty. But we're too small to bear scepters.


Anonymous said...

I suspect King John Kasich the First will only have 4 years to worry about tripping over those most unfortunate anthills concerning transparency in government, ethics, and accountability. His defenders will lay out the excuses, however, his proclamation of a "New Day and a New Way!" seems to be business as usual. Winning with 49 percent of the vote in an election year where less people turned out in Ohio than in 2006 does not inspire much confidence in his re-election chances.

Anonymous said...

If he was worried about the security of his children, why run for governor?