Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is there no end to Steve King's loony babbling?

WHEN IT COMES to freaky ongoing babble, Iowa Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King is the male counterpart of Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota. Nothing that he has said has made much sense during the Obama years since the Washington media hand-picked him for the Loony- of-the-Month Club. Yep, he's the same guy who referred to torture of iraqi prisoners as nothing more than"hazing"; that illegal immigrants are "stray cats" who end up of on people's porches to be fed; who persists in trash talk against President Obama. As for the health care reform law, he dismissed it as a "malignancy." (His constituents in rural Iowa must share such rubbish from a guy who once ran a construction company.) He blames Obamacare on "leftists" who "can't help themselves" because it's "in their DNA" to be predisposed to government aid.

Get ready for an outpouring of such nonsense, not only from King but also from many of his GOP brethren who share his views despite the fact that the new law is gaining public support. A new TV commercial featuring Mike Huckabee slamming the measure has now appeared. More to come. It is political grandstanding at its worst. But, who can blame a party that is putting its greatest efforts into playing to the Tea Partyers in the gallery with the IOUs from the November election?

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