Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inaugural pageantry: The easy part is over

BY ALL ACCOUNTS, there was excitement all around yesterday as Gov. Kasich called upon Ohioans to join him as full partners in improving the health of the Buckeye State. The Plain Dealer, which endorsed his candidacy, was so taken by his words that the big headline on Page One described him as "humble". That, of itself, was newsy for a pol who is known for his snappish demeanor.

But one robin, as it has been said, does not make a spring. And his call for audience participation will have to await results, which won't come as easily for the "new" Kasich and his cupbearers. The first hours of his administration produced some other reports that may not fall neatly into the category of team spirit.

There is word now, which is not at all surprising, that Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor has already convinced her people that she will run for the U.S. Senate against Sen . Sherrod Brown in 2012. Will run? Make that is running. The formality of the November election has ended. Time to think about one's future. As some of her predecessors in the lieutenant governor's office demonstrated, that job is hardly the place to extend one's political career.

And then there was the published report that Kasich's new inspector general, Randy Meyer, is slashing the IG staff in half. But as the Columbus Dispatch reported, these are veteran investigators who are expected to look out for "wrongdoing in the executive branch of state government". But apparently they won't be needed by a governor who describes himself as a "servant of the Lord."

Meantime, over in the new attorney general's office, Mike DeWine proved that he is a man of his word and action by joining a suit to repeal the health care reform law. It is
is likely to be a wheel-spinning mission but now that DeWine has committed himself to the plunge, he can't back off. Some of the spirit of his commitment is based on the theory that the law is unconsitutional, an unkind position that has been denied by two federal courts and upheld by one.

Keep in mind, too, that DeWine is a fervid pro-life advocate and although federal financing of abortion has been discounted by those who would rather deal with the specifics of the law than by religious assumptions, DeWine and AGs in 20 state will plow on with great cost to the states.

Closer to home, add this to your list of upcoming political events: There is a buzz that Alex Arshinkoff is waiting for the moment that he will be reseated on the Summit County Board of Elections by Secretary of State Jon Husted to enable the county Republican boss to fill out his state retirement insurance coverage. Isn't that the same John Husted who received a $150,000 campaign contribution from Arshinkoff's ailing party treasury last year ?



Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Reps are already plotting their revenge on Wayne Jones. Hysterically, they will be pointing to the treatment of democrat employees as their catalysts to having him removed.

Off topic, but the public relations campaign for rehabing Arshinkoff buddy Jack Morrison's image is in full effect with the Beacon Journal's letters page running several letters including one from Tim Grendell voicing his support for Morrison due to a "rush to judgment" and a partisan witchhunt.

Anonymous said...

I’ve got to say something about this. I could not believe the Plain Dealer had not one, not two, but three large front page pictures of Kasich on Sunday on the front page, the front page of section B, and the front page of the Forum section. What a nice big wet sloppy kiss to our new Gov from the Pee Dee. They should just change their name to the “Cleveland Plain Republican” and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of Jack Morrison, it's like Stephen King once said when referencing the undead...
"Sometimes they come back."