Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kasich's "your people" retort gets a wider audience.

Our new governor is already grabbing national attention - but unfortunately it's not likely to enhance Ohio's woebegone image. POLITICO, the national Republican-tilting Web site, topped its page with this AP photo of John Kasich over a report on his choice of an all-white cabinet. It quoted Sen. Nina Turner, a black Democrat, who told the Columbus Dispatch that she and the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus are demanding a meeting with Kasich to express their concerns.

Turner says that when she personally raised the question with Kasich, he replied that that he "didn't need your people." Huh?

A Kasich spokesman said the governor was actually referring to Democrats, not blacks, which was not at all persuasive to Turner. In any event, Kasich is demonstrating a deaf ear to the fallout from his clumsy remarks. And now the entire country is hearing about it.


FoxNewsFan84 said...

This is just more ugly racial politics from the left. Kasich has been in office for just a few short weeks and I've already lost count of all the made up controversies.

Ohio is facing sky high budget deficits, unemployement is rising, and businesses continue to flee the state. But Democrats and their accomplicies in the media want to focus on non issues like this.

Give me a break.

Grumpy Abe said...

I really don't feel the urge to give a Foxista a break. I don't need your people.

Mencken said...

So FNF84, Politico is a tool of the Democrats? I bet Politico editor, John Harris would get a good chuckle at that comment.

But let's get a few things straight right here and now. First of all, just as you don't hesitate criticize Democrats, John Kasich is not above criticism either. That's what goes on here. It's a liberal political blog.

You do get that don't you?

Today's topic was was not deficits or unemployment. It was on the makeup of Kasich's cabinet and his response to his critics. If you don't like the criticism and want to defend Kasich here, then do so. Your pleas of "give me a break" and conspiracy theories don't really shed any light on the subject. You do yourself or your argument no good by constantly misdirecting the conversation to another topic.

Another thing, read a history book and find out what ugly racial politics really are, so you don't throw the accusation around so carelessly.

Ugly racial politics are things such as apartheid, segregation, genocide, voter suppression, assassination, etc. The list is long. Questioning the makeup of an ELECTED official's cabinet hardly falls under any of those categories. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Your opinion is welcome here, but it would help if actually had a well-formed one rather than your tiresome stock fraternity boy comebacks..

joe Hill said...

Nice post, but again you assume that Fauxnews fan is capable of understanding or informed reasoning. Facts mean nothing to him because they do not fit into his narrative and as such are totally ignored. You'd have more success trying to reason with a rock.

Let's see if I'm correct. Fauxnewsfan, please tell me who you believe has controlled this state for most of the last thirty years and if they might be that group primarily responsible for the mess that Ohio is in? Can you get beyond spin and talking points and actually demonstrate some independent thought? As the defender of the indefensible please enlighten us.

I do not have much hope that you are capable or honest enough to answer my questions. Frankly, my money is on the rock.