Wednesday, March 18, 2009

State Senate race: Still thinnish broth

THEY'RE BEGINNING to stir up the thinnish  broth for the race to fill the 27th District Ohio Senate seat that's opening up with the forthcoming departure of term-limited Republican Kevin Coughlin.  So far, only Democratic County Councilman Frank Comunale has declared (unofficially to me)  his candidacy.  And despite what you may have read in comments to this blog, the GOP field is wide open.  The only name mentioned as a possible candidate is Frank LaRose, Jr., a scion of the House of LaRose family, owner of the  big  wine & beer distributorship in Northern Ohio

Although Summit County Republican chairman Alex Arshinkoff  believes LaRose would have some ballot appeal as a young Marine back from Middle East conflicts, he also cautions that the book is still wide open with several other "potential candidates" still in the mix.  That would include a Hudson industrialist who might run in the Republican District.

Although Arshinkoff doesn't precisely say so, the biggest determining factor will be, who can put up the cash for his or  her own race. Some of the  big Republican business and corporate contributors  are retreating from heavy commitments to any candidate.   "It's all the  bigger challenge to our party," he says, "because we're not in power anymore.    The other guys are running things at the state and national level. Today we have people who used to have $90 million, but only have $9 million now  because of the market and they don't think they're rich."  

Arshinkoff used to have the reputation as one of the state's most successful fund-raisers   but that's ancient history in today's economy.  Apparently the state Republican hierarchy is feeling the pressure on its treasury, too, during the Obama Era and is pressing the party's county chairmen to find new  mother lodes  to help its state and legislative candidates.  

That's not likely to happen unless the GOP starts minting it own cash to bail out its candidates. Or maybe arranging a loan from Limbaugh. .    


Anonymous said...

I have heard Kirt Conrad and Adam Van Ho are also considering a run on the democratic side

Anonymous said...

Arshinkoff will be making some major promises in the next year and a half. First, he has to focus on the Cuyahoga Falls Mayors race and Stow Clerk of Courts. Then, it will be helping Carol Gasper take out Lisa Coates in the Republican primary. Then, he has to help lobbying client Don Taylor and his wife Mary. That will depend on how deep Gary Taylor is willing to dig into his pocket. Afterwards, he is going to be promising the moon to Jon Husted, John Kasich-Arshinkoff is Team Leader for the Kasich "campaign-, Mike DeWine, and Maureen O'Connor. Third, he will be defending his chairmanship. Money will be stretched to the limit. As it is, the party is in debt. Where will the money come from to back up his words? More loans?

Anonymous said...

The "Hudson Industrialist" that Alex is referring to is current Hudson councilman John Jeffers or his wife. Not a strong candidate, but then again Alex does not really have a strong bench.

Anonymous said...

Adam Van Ho should throw in the towel. If he is the Democratic nominee, the Republican would win for sure