Sunday, March 1, 2009

CPAC ordains Limbaugh as GOP leader

NOW THAT THE CPAC revelers have scattered from their gleeful Maypole dance around the living shrine of Rush Limbaugh, can we now all agree that Rush is standing taller (and ever wider) as the soul of the  Republican Party as well as its loudest voice?   It is the commanding role  that he has won by default in the absence of any other GOP captive with the slightest presence as a leader.  Limbaugh is unchallenged. To those who say the crowd who populated the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. doesn't truly represent the Republican Party, anyone taking attendance would  soon conclude that the speakers included the party's First Team,  such as it is.  There was even an effort to make it look like a legitimate party by releasing a CPAC straw poll of the potential 2012 presidential candidates (The four-year campaign is well underway!)  that was meaningless, although Mitt Romney, who led the pack with 20 pct., is doubtless stowing it for further political benefit.  

Still the tone was set with the slashing hard-right posters.  I saw a few on the conference slide show. Two examples:        
   I love animals.  They're delicious.
   Evolution is science fiction. 
Standard weird stuff from the wingnuts.

What isn't standard is the adoration of  a carnival hustler as glibly tasteless as R.L. to speak for a national (?) political party fumbling around in the South.  To repeat, who in good conscience could salute a person who has ridiculed Parkinson's Diesase,  who has called upon the troops back in his armory to wish for President Obama's failure, who escaped serious drug charges that might  have sent others to prison, who escaped military service because of a cyst on his tailbone (full disclosure:  I had a bad one, but the military doctors told me, shucks, they'd take care of it after  I was in uniform.)  

He has lived a shameful life.  And now what's left of the Republican Party shamefully  looks to him for supreme guidance.  


PJJinOregon said...

I'm pleased that the limelight shines on R.L. Perhaps the sunlight will follow giving R.L. no shadows to hide in. A lot of daylight will show him to be the demagogue that he is - and then the hot air will escape from his balloon countenance. If he leads the Dixeicans, his fall will carry them downwards also.

Anonymous said...

Wow you really are a bitter old man! Probably has to do with the sales numbers of your wonderful tome and your recent family issues.

Do you go back through your old columns and relive the glory days???

So now this website is your last desperate grab for attention? I'm sure it will be read as much as your book.

Ad PLEASE keep smoking!!!!

Anonymous said...

Zaidan now has two worthy book projects in search of a publisher.

The Clevelandcentric publisher Gray and Co. apparently passed on The Civic Theatre history......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The other Zaidan book is a novel called Moose, about a newspaper editor by the name of Frank Moosey (A.K.A Moose), who thoroughly enjoys the life of a newspaper man — until the paper is run into the ground by corporate outsiders with no knowledge of the newspaper business and a ruthless obsession with the bottom line.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Sounds like a must read!!!!!!

Obscure and irrelevant. Sucks to be you!

chien lunatique said...

Isn't it typical of the wingnuttery to attack the messenger rather than the message? Morons on the fringe are so intellectually challenged and confused that they have nothing but their hate to motivate them. My advise to Anony-ass--- seek some therapy or better yet swallow a slug.

Mencken said...

Good news for job seekers... it appears Rush is still hiring Flying Monkeys to attack liberal bloggers.

No experience necessary. Requires no cognitive reasoning or argument. Applicant must only be able to use a computer and spell the word "suck" correctly..

Grumpy Abe said...

Aside to the hysterical Limbaugh Dittohead above:

Want to play? Ok. Let's play. I get the first question since it was my idea:

How much are two and two? Warning: Using a calculator will disqualify you!

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