Sunday, March 8, 2009

Count 'em, John. Here are 25.

I'VE DECIDED to send Rep. John Boehner my old Mickey Mouse watch.  It doesn't keep good time anymore, but Boehner's timing is even worse.  Taking another shot, sinister-looking expression and all, at President Obama's stimulus plan, Boehner blurted that the plan will not provide a single job.  Not one.  Not half a one.  Trouble with his timing is that while he was advancing his no-jobs economic theory, Obama was standing with 25 new police recruits in Columbus, Oh. -  law enforcement  graduates who would have drawn an employment blank had they not been hired with stimulus money.  Sorry, congressman. Between what I heard from you, and what I saw with the new cops on TV, I'll go along with Obama.  Besides, I've never been any good at cognitive dissonance.  

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