Sunday, March 15, 2009

A convenient delete button...

NOW THAT  I've been at this blog for more than six months, I've been reminded that there are some critics around - not all critics - who  are so incoherently  incapable of expressing their dissent that they roll out every vulgarity that they learned in some alley.  So from time to time I have deleted their comments to prevent them from further libeling their own childish behavior.

Not that I am thin-skinned.  Anyone who has written several thousand newspaper and magazine articles can expect to be criticized.  I have no problem with that.  I do, however, reject "cute" assaults on race and gender regarding others, as well as the limited vocabulary of fools who attack with X-rated comments about something I've written.    For them, I suggest  that they get their kicks instead by reading bathroom walls.  So here's the deal:  If your comments are covered with slime, find another venue.  On this blog, such messages will be recorded with one perfectly useful word:  DELETED.     

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John said...

A writer who is on a roll
shouldn't from his readers take a poll.
Things lacking if you please
are represented by the keys
Escape and Control.