Monday, March 23, 2009

Jindal silent until the dust clears

I'M BEGINNING to feel a tinge of sympathy for the GOP's would-be Stupor Star, Bobby Jindal. After flubbing his TV audition in response to the Obama's address to the Congress, he is now having to again explain his aversion to volcano monitoring, an odd  thought that he slipped into his maiden national address.  You may recall that he was critical of $160 million in the stimulus package  for scientific monitoring of things that can go bang at any time, like volcanos. 

Enter Mount Redoubt, a restless volcano 100 miles south of Anchorage , Alaska, that is currently rocketing ash and dust 12 miles into the atmosphere and forcing some of Sarah Palin's constituents to wear dust masks while creating a health hazard to anything else exposed to its eruptive menace.    

The Louisiana governor must be fretting about  the timing of nature these days.  His office isn't returning phone calls from the national media.      


chien lunatique said...

Perhaps the governor can perform an exorcism on the pesky volcano. He, by his own proclamation, has experience in that area. So much for one of the "new generation" of GOP leaders.

Anonymous said...

Jindal was going to propose throwing virgins into the volcano to quiet the fires but then saw the latest figures on the success rate of abstinence vows.