Monday, March 16, 2009

Cedar Lee South? We can hope

THERE'S A MOVE afoot to possibly revive  the vacated AMC theatre on West Market Street  with a new Cedar Lee Theatre - the popular art movie house  up north - but it's still a glimmer for the owners of the Bath Twp. shopping strip, site of the AMC.   "We've been considering it," says Herb Newman, a co-owner with Bob Stark.   "And we haven't ruled it out.  It would  be great if it happens."

You bet.  For years Akron area art movie buffs have been hoping for a place to see the movies that don't play the mainstream theatres.  Other ventures in the busy AMC West Side neighborhood have proven successful.  The live transmissions of the Metropolitan Opera at the Regal Theatre down the road from the AMC have drawn quite well.  (I know,  as I watch some of the latecomers hunt for seats before the program begins.)

Cedar Lee South?  I like the sound of it.  Let's hope that it happens.              


Kyle said...

I like the sound of that too and hope they choose Montrose. They might benefit from close proximity to Mustard Seed Market.

Bargain Hunter said...

Commenting, writing them and publishing them, can be tough...mostly because blogging is more fun and worthwhile when you have give and take vs. simply publishing with no feedback or input.

I agree that it would be great to get a new theater and I'm also hoping it comes through.

Anonymous said...

Somehow the suburban sprawl/strip mall setting doesn't seem fitting home for independent and art film.

The Highland Theatre or the Akron Art Museum would be better venues.