Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to create the living dead

I WONDER HOW much better off we would all be today  if some people had been more concerned about the death toll in Iraq as they are in fussing over the death of a couple of living Americans.  First. Sen. Jim Bunning, the goofy Kentucky Republican who is the tormentor of his own party these days, predicted that  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg would be dead in 90 days; and now Rush Limbaugh has referred to President Obama's promise to reform America's health-care system as the "Kennedy memorial"  scheme for cancer-stricken Sen. Ted Kennedy, to which we would look to the U.S.  Army's special legal counsel during the McCarthy hearings for an appropriate response.  Sizzling with quiet indignation over Joe McCarthy's attacks on certain individuals As Commies, Joe Welch scorched the  Wisconsin red-baiting senator:
"Have you  no sense of decency, at long last?  Have you left no sense of decency?"

Keep those words in mind.  I'm sure there will be many more opportunities from the GOP's Great White Whale to recall them.)  


Ben said...

I dont see what is wrong with what Limabugh said. He is probably right. Kennedy probably will be dead soon. That is just the reality of his condition. And Democrats probably will use Kennedy to try and push through their health care bill.

No one is really offended by what Limbaugh said. But acting like so is good politics.

Bunning I won't defend.

PJJinOregon said...

Bunning made it into the Hall of Fame (baseball version) by throwing precise and hard fastballs. Now that he's a senator, his favorite pitch is a curve ball. However, his therapist may tell you that he's a screwball. Admit it folks - these Dixiecans are all foul balls.

Batter up!

chien lunatique said...

It appears only people with common sense and empathy for someone who may be terminal would view Limbaugh's comment as beyond the pale. Those who "don't see what is wrong" with it are perfect examples of why the GOP is experiencing such a melt down. Narcissism, self indulgence, and cognitive dissonance are but a few of the traits manifest by Limbaugh and his sycophants. The reality of it is that very few American's (15%) stand or support him.
I am offended by what Limbaugh said. For those like Ben, who are not, should seek some therapy or swallow a slug, because you add nothing to the conversation.

Ben said...


I dont think most people were actually offended. if you were, you were. I cant tell what you are really thinking.

But I see you are following the attack Limbaugh playbook. You wont be able to blame him forever.

chien lunatique said...

Have you ever had an original thought? It appears that you are somewhat challenged in this area. I would like a clarification on how "no one is really offended" - your original position - has morphed into" most people". You appear to be a mind reader despite your claims. How else can we account for your certainty? I need enlightened.
I agree, we will not be able to criticize Limbaugh forever. In fact, given his various excesses & habits - drugs, sex and gluttony - his days appear to be numbered. One can only hope.
The "fat man" and his devotees love to play the victim. Are you a victim or just someone who is addicted to the Kool-aid?

Ben said...

Yeah, I have had an original thought or two.

I am not a mind reader. You just claim to be offended, but havent even said why.

Whatever. Nice dig on Limabugh for drug use. I am sure in Obama's case it is cool though. But I shouldnt assume that - I am not a mind reader!

chien lunatique said...

Your original thoughts appear to draw inspiration from Drudge, Limbaugh or Hinderaker. So much for your claim of originality.

Why am I offended? Isn't it obvious! You might want to reread the first sentence in the comment you refer to.

As far as drugs--experimentation with drugs in the late teens or early 20's is very much different than a full blown addiction to "hillbilly heroin" by a man in his late 40's or early 50's. Do remember that the "fat man" was caught red handed. Fifty bank withdrawals of $9,900 -done is this amount to avoid the required reporting to the federal government---violated the RICO statues. I would be curious t o know how much he spent to stay out of jail. Are you capable of differentiating between the two cases? Probably not, as you comment suggests. The two cases are only remotely similar because of drugs. There is no symmetry involved in the argument you make , only the standard wingnut logic.

Which is it "one or "most"? I'm still waiting to be enlightened.

Mencken said...

Ben, if I told people your sister had a crooked nose and a big fat ass, and that was true, would you be offended ?

Or would I be excused for simply telling the truth ? Because that's about the depth of your reasoning.

For a guy who flatters himself as a political blogger.
you're remarkably short on insight and analysis.
Not surprisingly , that's what Rushbo counts on from his Flying Monkeys.

Ben said...

No, Mencken, I wouldnt be offended if it was true. Why would I be? If you told me something true about myself (you are skinny) I wouldnt be offended. Kennedy has a terminal condition. He is going to be dead soon.

As far as to your other comments, maybe that is your opinion. I like to go to other sites and mix it up...unlike you and your liberal minions that hide out at only liberal websites and go back and forth when you know you are on a friendly site.

Another difference is that everyone knows who I am. So I have to be a little more careful when I say things. You can say whatever the hell you want because no one knows who you are.

But if my insights and depth arent enough for you, start your own blog. I know from expeirence that in your mind you are good enough, smart enough, and correct politically to do it yourself.

Start it up. It should be easy for you. Or just critize others, reflexively defend all democratic postions / politicans, and talk about the new Cannon E-875 camera and how to shoot subjects in dim light.

chien lunatique said...

Are your recent comments an invitation to come play in your sandbox? I've resisted doing this, not because I'm afraid,but because I believe it to be bad manners and bad form to embarrass a man in his own domain.

Ben said...

I wasnt talking to you, but you can do whatever you wish.

Ben said...

But no, it wasn't an invitation at all. I am not concerned if either of you do or dont comment or read my website. I have more important things to worry I am sure you do C.L. I am sure you do think you could embarass me though, so thank you for good manners / restraint.